You Got Served: Some Kinds of Dummies

Welcome to You Got Served, where I, your waitress, tell you why you, the customer, are the biggest fucking dumbass on earth  Continue reading “You Got Served: Some Kinds of Dummies”

All The Pretty Little Flowers

When I was younger, my thinking was much more black and white.

Some people go through their whole lives without seeing the nuances; for me it was simply a time. Continue reading “All The Pretty Little Flowers”

Your thoughts are just words in your head; and your thoughts about your thoughts are just words in your head about words in your head.
They’re also much, much more than that.
And also- they’re not.

Riding the Bus in My New ‘Hood

Something that I think is objectively horrible happened to me today. It was really weird. Continue reading “Riding the Bus in My New ‘Hood”

No Deadies

“This dinner is going to be so good.”
“Oh hellz yeah.”
“We are awesome chefs. We are foodies now. Har har.”
“Ha. If we ever identify ourselves as foodies, lets murder suicide. I’ll murder if you… oh no wait, I guess that means I’ll also suicide.”

Continue reading “No Deadies”

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