ArabellaBangThis is a blog about nothing and everything. It’s the Seinfeld of blogs.

It’s written by me, your favourite writer. I’m sure you probably came to this page because you’re wondering, “What kind of tea does Arabella drink? What is her star sign?” And other such nonsense.

I am a Scorpio, as all the best and most talented people on earth are.
That also means I’m a very possessive person, so I will kill you if you stare too hard at my boyfriend.

I love all the little critters, especially elephants, but in a melancholy way that means I don’t want to see them or think about them too much. Baby elephants are the cutest things I ever did see.
Like an elephant, I never forget.

I like creating stuff of all kinds, little weird brain babies that I release into the world. I recently did so with some songs I wrote. You can check that out here:

And let’s be real, like I’m thinking about- why do I write this blog?

I feel like I’m writing this blog because I’m an over-thinker. Basically, my entire life is this: it’s just like yours, as in, things occur on a never-ending sequence but most things begin and end in the same way- where I wake up and then go to sleep. Waking up and going to sleep are the divisions for everyone, no matter when you do it.

What happens in between is the usual things that happen to everyone- except I just like, think about it way too much. I think and think and think all the way to the bottom. I never lose my way in my thoughts, I follow every single one of them all the way down to their conclusion; and then, once I’m there, I can see where I’ve cut a clear and logical path.

I’m convincing.

A rapid fire list of some things that have my lifelong devotion:
Raunchy guitar sounds, records, hot summer nights, red wine, long and leans, old Camaros, snooping around in people’s houses, climbing trees, swimming in rivers, road trips, green, zombie movies, tire swings, front porches, Triscuit crackers, sparrows, Italy, books with real paper that smells strange, and of course, cucumber.

I hope this helps you send me gifts with greater ease, and that you will do so, at random. Another fun fact about me, I am happy to accept gifts and your admiration at all times.